Below you can see my creative journey through time ↓↓↓


This is a journey through two decades of my creative work and collaboration with other people on various creative audiovisual and interactive projects.



New website that is showcase my work, co-productions and know-how that I have acquired over 20 years as a creative artist, director and new media expert.  ⤻


CEO & Creative Producer
Creative Production
& Idea Making Atelier
We tell stories and visualize ideas through a variety of media. From Animation to interactive 3D designs and films to multimedia experiences in virtual worlds. ⤻



Virtual architecture.

(showrooms and studios)

When I designing virtual architecture, I am often inspired by organic architecture in combination with plants. I am fascinated by the combination of hi-tech motifs such as holograms, digitality and natural scenery.  ⤻

Physical installations

inspired by blockchain scene

Connecting the real and multimedia worlds is both a challenge and a unique opportunity to create a unique experience. I plan to focus more on this area in the future. For now, I've had the opportunity to work on designing physical objects and exhibits and digital installations that have been integrated with other experiences such as virtual reality or music production.

Design study


Art Director

Leaving BrainZ Immersive

- (co)idea maker
- creative designer / artist
- 3D generallist


Art / Creative Direction

immersive projects

Within BrainZ VR we have produced a number of innovative projects. For some of them I was involved in the complete creative preparation and collaborated on the development of the idea. Together with other colleagues such as Kryštof Šuk (Real-time developer), Petr Kollarčík (3D Designer), Ondřej Pultera (Unity developer) and other colleagues we realized them.


I like to combine modern design and natural themes when designing virtual environments. In the case of the immersive showroom for ŠKODA AUTO, I imprinted the design with a point plan referencing the VISION project (The Eye).

Leaving Václav Hollar Art school

Teacher / tutor of 3D graphics (2007-2017)
Particularly inspiring for me was the 10 year period when I taught 3D graphics at the Václav Hollar Art College in Prague. Here we focused on the combination of classical design and modern 3D tools. It was a mutually enriching experience that taught me a lot.

ŠKODA AUTO 360° VR production

The first major collaboration with the then emerging Brainz VR / Immersive studio. I combinined experience from filmmaking, 3D with virtual worlds. Close collaboration with creative director Petr Hanousek, Brainz VR manager Robin Pultera, programmer Ondřej Pultera and account manager Jana Gálisová and, of course, very intensive creative communication on the development of the project with colleagues from ŠKODA AUTO marketing.


Murderous Tales
“The Lighthouse”

The noir atmosphere of a misty landscape tells the ballad of an extraordinary encounter between an explorer from distant worlds and the poetics of life in a small pond on planet Earth. Directed by Jan Bubeníček. 2015.  ⤻


The jingle after ten years...

After almost ten years, Pavel Sadilek and I met again to rework the theme song of the jingle for travel show "On the Road" for Czech television in HD.

PILSEN 2015 European Capital of Culture

Art Director / Illustrator

"Pilsen is not just beer", "Open up Pilsen", "Open up your Pilsen paradise !" the idea of a didactic cut with a pint of beer was on the table. Imaginative collaboration with creative director Petr Hanousek.

Leaving ACE post (SPOON)

cowork as 3D / Senior creative designer - 2009-2014
It was a great experience with a lot of really cool people. I've never coworked with any studio or agency for so long. Which may have been because, in addition to the existence of our good team, I had the freedom to do freelance work. We co-created all sorts of fun projects with the folks at ACE post for over four years. During this time the studio changed a lot and in the last phase moved to the former AVION studio building, was renamed SPOON studio, where I spent only a short time there and then decided to leave the studio. I wanted to be more involved in creative development. Many of the creators left for the new PFX studio. SPOON / ACE studio later closed down.



ACE Post

The next big project we enthusiastically embarked on was a crazy fantastic fairy tale "The Magic Duvet". We had a lot of fun during the production and realization :) and it was a very good experience with a real 3D stereoscopic film.

First projects in ACE Post

The first projects that we co-created with colleagues Vlastimil Stejskal, Vanda Palisová, Petr Harakaly, Honza Kuřimský and later with Tomáš Havelka were advertisements and or for example stylized short animation from beyond the Arctic Circle...

Development of the movie

Around 2009, I collaborated with director Karel Březina to develop the visual concept and presentation of annotation for a sci-fi/comedy film set in an alternative Prague.


Leaving UPP Postproduction Studio

I have met many very interesting and inspiring people in UPP (Jan Bubeníček, David Váňa, Jan Všetíček, Frantisek Hradecký, Viktor Plch, Jan Kurka, Lukáš Duběda, Tomáš Král, Jan Jinda, Petr Rohr, Jiří Adamec, Jarka Chalasová and more.... We have collaborated on several big movies, TV series and commercials. It was a good experience for me. After two years, I needed a change and took a summer off and moved on..eventually to the neighboring studio ACE in Prague :)


Universal Production Partners (UPP)

Senior digital artist (2007-2009)
In 2007, I was approached to join the emerging team of skilled 3D digital artists at Universal Production Partners (UPP), the largest post-production studio in the Czech Republic and Central Europe. At the time, they were making a new big budget film, The Nutcracker, which was full of interesting effects, large 3D scenes, fantastic characters and sets. I worked there with a number of interesting, very talented and experienced filmmakers and creators. It was a very challenging period of work and I learned a lot.

Teacher of 3D at the Václav Hollar
Art School (Prague)

Part-time work 10 years :) Working with teachers, students and interdisciplinary collaboration to supervise and guide students term 3D and animated projects. Cowork with fellow 3D graphic designer and teacher Ing. Pavel Zoch, Ph.D. Teaching and cowork with academic painter MgA. Markéta Jarošová Urbanová (Multimedia atelier and Painting).


Cowork with 3Desade / Pavel Sadílek

In 2005, thanks to an interview with 3D expert Pavel Zoch for the web magazine of company Digital Media, I met the director Pavel Sadílek. We worked together for two years on various film, music videos and audiovisual projects. I'm still friends with them to this day.

Existential "video art"

Post-totalitarian-consum age

In 2004 I made a short video reflecting on contemporary society, drowning in the minor bass of industrial sounds of broken beats. I created the video for the entrance exam to art schools.

Post totalitarian consum age

Crazy videos from art school admissions :-)

Especially for the entrance exams to the art school in Ostrava university, I made several, to put it mildly, strange videos in collaboration with other students.

Interactive ART Flash portfolio 2005

Interactive portfolio presentation for art college admissions. Then implemented using Macromedia Flash technology. Films, graphics, 3D creation. At that time I took a number of entrance exams at art colleges in the Czech Republic (Brno, Ostrava, Pilsen,...) Finally I decided to practice in the field instead of studying.

Web designs / Commercial work

Immediately after graduation I became a official freelancer and continued to design web. Classically using HTML, CSS styles, AS and the then very popular framesets. I was also very active in Flash, which I combined with 3D graphics (Swift, Cinema 4D).


Free classical drawing and painting

Again, I focused on free artwork that I was preparing for a portfolio component for an art college admissions process. It was a nice change from the technical field I had been pursuing for several years. I used conventional drawing, chalks, angles and painting to A2 / A3 format.

2004 - end of my studies in Liberec

Secondary School of Civil Engineering
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Film Camera for the first time

I used to borrow a digital DV camera (still on mini tapes) from my dad and try to record documents on it.

My first 3D short animation (2003-04)

Inside the book - The life of a well
After about a year of playing around with 3D graphics, I started working on my first 3D animation. I called it "Inside the Book - The Life of a Well". At that time we had an old single core processroy, so it wasn't easy to create the animation and I ended up with an unfinished animation that I rendered (calculated) on various friends' PCs. In the end, the animation was about 3 minutes long.


3D Work for school

Secondary School of Construction // SPŠS Liberec
In 2003, I did two "free" projects while studying the secondary school of Civil and Transportation Engineering. I tried to fuse my beloved creative audiovisual storytelling with the technical requirements of the school to make my studies a little more enjoyable. Eventually, I was able to present the school at the national meeting of secondary school professional activities in the field of "Didactic aids" with the great support of the teachers Ing. Miroslav Kračmar and Ing. Michal Drapák.

My first web portfolio 2003


In 2002, I fell in love with 3D graphics. After a fleeting experience with AutoCAD, trueSpace 3D, I found Maxon's Cinema 4D 3D software. The infinite creative space of 3D universe with 4D motion drew me in and to this day has not let go...



In elementary school we had a brave young teacher who taught us the basics of html and turbo-pascal programming as kids in the elective "Computers". Back then we wanted to play Age of Empires or Doom rather than learn. But after a while, thanks to this teacher, I found my way to web design. One of the first projects I tried to create was a virtual < html > VRML walk around our town.

2001 | My first personal computer...


2000 - Start of my studies

Secondary School of Civil Engineering

In 2000 came to the decision that I could study and then work in the construction industry. I mean, that's where the drawing is...After my experience with creating project documents and things like descriptive geometry, statics, mechanics, geodesy and study of drawing with pencil monge projection...This idea has left me fast.


Completion of elementary school

The question came up, where to next? Surely I should choose a "normal job". After all, drawing and creative work can only be fun? I've been floundering in this area...

First contact with PC, playing with 2D graphics and games...

I've always loved photography, drawing, painting and creating... In primary school I got my first camera, an Olympus trip XB3..a simple automat that took pictures on colour film!





Elementary school time

Fortunately, most of the teachers didn't mind me drawing while they talked... because after a while they found out I was listening :) It was making, crafting and creating that made my school years shorter.


Hello world!

I came here...

? :-)