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Short promotional film for the 30th anniversary of a leading Czech software company takes you into the fantastic world of programmers


  • OK system


  • Pen&Production


  • Martin Erva
    P&P production /
    Advertising campaign Theme, Screenwriter / manager

  • Jana Kubátová
    Account manager

  • Bohdan Zajčenko
    Camera / Director of Photography (DOP)

  • Jan Brukner
    Creative Director / Designer / Concept / Visual Artist

What I Did

  • Creative Direction

  • Supervision

  • Script adaptation

  • Concept / Design

  • Preproduction

  • Babel App 3D Environment

  • OK gate 3D Environment

  • Key visuals

Studios Productions

  • HEROES of production

  • IR\VI - Take1

  • Progressive FX (PFX)



Enter the fantastic
World of app developers
Gate is opening...

Short promotional film for the 30th anniversary of a leading Czech software company takes you into the fantastic world of programmers.I've done creative directing with Pen & Pen Production agency and worked with a number of studios/productions ( HEROES of Production, IR\VI, Progressive FX, SYPE Studios).


Pen & Production approached me with an offer to participate in the realization of an interesting visual project.
I met Martin Erva, the director of the company and the author of the rather ambitious advertising concept and the head of the whole campaign. It was a great challenge to develop a short effects film combining live action with a 3D sci-fi environment but with a relatively limited time and budget. I was intrigued by the idea and the scope for creative execution, so we agreed on a creative collaboration.


So I worked externally as a creative director (for the agency Pen & Production). I was responsible for the creative development, supervision and creative organisation of the project. I designed the production process and designed the entire clip, which was then presented to the client. You can read below what inspired me to design each scene. Later on I also worked as a 3D environment designer / Matte painter on the complete production of two animation shots. "Intro gate" and "BabelApp". See production description below.


How did the whole project come about?
Previews of the concepts, pipeline preproduction and designs...



The film production, casting and complete organization of the shoot was handled by Heroes of Production with live action director Tomáš Kasal and production manager Michal Navrátil. On the set of Hexar studio, nothing was impossible. Based on my good experience, I also approached fellow cinematographer and DOP Bohdan Zajčenko, who framed everything into a picture and held it all together with his aesthetic eye.

Based on past experience, I approached IR\VI to deploy the innovative TAKE 1 technology in the film shoot. We used a unique method that eliminated the need for a traditional studio with a green/blue background. Consequently, we were able to make even more massive use of the possibilities of computer graphics for an even freer space of imagination.


During this time, I also established excellent cooperation with the skilled creators from SYPE STUDIOS represented by project manager Ladislav Cupa and creative sound designer Jindřich Kravařík. Tomáš Patlich took care of the complete sound production on set. They provided perfect sound design, music production and professional postsynchron in other languages.


The complete production finally took place within a few months. You can see the detailed timeline in the pipeline diagram below, which I designed at the beginning of the project. The full video was eventually 1 minute 30 seconds long. Based on this video, four more shorter adaptations were made after that, with an emphasis on individual products and in two languages (English, Czech). Despite the specific conditions during the covid period, it was a very interesting and rewarding experience, especially for such a complex production. The advertising was massively deployed on the Internet and in cinemas and was linked to a larger campaign for OKsystem's 30th anniversary.