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About me.



All we live in an amazing world that is an endless source of INSPIRATION that drives us to DISCOVER, CREATE and SHARE.

Who am I? A creative person with a passion and love for imagination. I am fascinated by connecting the contrasts between the mysterious beauty of nature and the futuristic creations of civilization. More than 20 years ago, I took my first dive into 3D virtual worlds and embarked on a journey that has taken me to various film studios, digital agencies and exposed me to a variety of industries and fields of human endeavor and creativity. In these fields I have gained diverse experience and knowledge, from interactive web installations to 3D animation, VFX, environment design for film and creative directing for immersive experiences in virtual or real :) reality. In addition to commercial work and working with a number of studios and advertising agencies, I have spent 10 years teaching 3D animation at the Václav Hollar Art School in Prague. I am interested in innovative tools and alternative technologies, which I try to incorporate into real audiovisual productions.Digital craftsmanship, 3D animation, film and new media still entertain me as a freelancer. I am also currently working as a director in the emerging creative production IDEA VISUALIZE, where I focus on making ideas and creative multimedia production.

If you are interested in breathing life into an interesting and innovative project together, you can get in touch with me at one of my contact.








Creative Producer & CEO

We tell stories and visualize ideas through diverse of media. From animation to interactive 3D designs and films to multimedia experiences in virtual worlds. IDEAVIZ - Creative Production & Idea Making Atelier.

Creative Freelancer


Idea maker | Artist | Director

Digital Artist, designer, director and new media expert. He is dedicated to the development and creation of audiovisual projects such as short films and animations, music and commercials, TV jingles, interactive (3D) design and virtual reality, key visuals and art installation design.

Brainz VR / Immersive


Art / Creative Director

-  (co)idea maker
- creative artist
- 3D designer/ generallist

Collaboration in a team with creative creators and skilful people : Petr Hanousek, Robin Pultera, Kryštof Šuk, Petr Kollarčík, Ondřej Pultera, Petr Kobylák, Petr Slavík, Lucie Jančová, Kinsey Nietsche,...and many others... (see projects)


Kafka Band - People get lost  // Tower Defens game // ŠKODA AUTO - Cockpit XR // Czech Radio- 1968 VR // Czech Tourism - 100 years of Czecho Slovakia //  JEDDAH 2030 AR // BrainZ VR CINEMA //  EUROWAG VR // T3 Coupé VR // ŠKODA KAROQ AR // ŠKODA - Heritage // VOSTO5:Colonization // and more...

Crafting premium VR & AR experiences for brands and build immersive products.

Art school
of Vaclav Hollar


Teacher of 3D

- tutor of 3D Graphics and Animation (Interactive graphics)

Part-time work 10 years :) Working with teachers, students and interdisciplinary collaboration to supervise and guide students term 3D and animated projects.

Cowork with fellow 3D graphic designer and teacher Ing. Pavel Zoch, Ph.D. Teaching and cowork with academic painter MgA. Markéta Jarošová Urbanová (Multimedia atelier and Painting).Cooperation with Teacher BcA. Matyáš Trnka (Video and edit),  Mgr. Libuše Gemrotová Prudíková & Bohumír Gemrot (heads of Art School).

Cooperation initiated by Digital Media company.
CAP - Maxon's CINEMA 4D Academy Program.
College and High art school of Vaclav Hollar

Students 3D gallery (old) ->

ACE Post / Spoon


Senior Digital Artist

- creative/ concept artist
- 3D generallist
- matte painter 

It was the second largest studio in the Czech Republic. Studio that had unique know-how in stereoscopic and 3D film production.

Working in a team with skilled people like : Vlastimil Stejskal, Peter Harakaly, Vanda Palisová, Jan Kuřimský, Vanda Palisová Tomáš Havelka,..


//  Aldabra : Once Upon an Island (stereoscopic 3D documentary movie)  //  First Republic (TV series) //  The Magical Duvet (stereoscopic 3D fantasy movie) // Dinopark Kronosaurus / Triceratops (3D stereoscopic short movies) and series of other shortfilms and advertisements...

Universal Production Partners (UPP)


Senior Digital Artist

- 3D generalist
- 3D matte painter
- texture artist

Postproduction / VFX studio in Prague.
It's the largest studio in the Czech Republic and Central Europe.

I have met and cowork with many very interesting and inspiring people in UPP (Jan Bubeníček, David Váňa, Jan Všetíček, Jan Kurka, Lukáš Duběda, Tomáš Král, Jan Jinda, Petr Rohr, Jiří Adamec, Jarka Chalasová and many more....


Season of the Witch (fantasy movie) // Symptom Pandorum (sci-fi movie)  //  The Nutcracker (fantasy movie)  // Hawthorne (TV series) //and advertisments...

3Desade / cowork
Pavel Sadílek (director)


Digital artist / Partner in team

- concept artist / matte painter
- visual development
- 3D generalist

Co-Production With
Pavel Sadílek (director, animator, digital artist)
Jan Hladík (composer, musician, instrumentalist)


 Czech TV - "Na cestě" (jingle) // Prima TV - "Hádej kdo jsem" (jingle) // AnnaK - Večernice (music clip) // Chinaski - Vrchlabí (music clip) // Ewa Farná (music clips) - Zapadlej krám // Lenka Dusilová - Vlčí oči (music clip) // TV animations, advertisments,...

Jan Brukner
alias JohnBruk



Web Graphic Designer / 3D artist

- Motion / 3D artist
- Web Designer (CSS / HTML / JS / AS )
- Flash artist 

idea maker
visual  artist
creative director

Contact me

  • CELL : +420 721235897
  • MAIL : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Prague / Czech Republic
    Central Europe

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