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Adventurous missions in the inner universe of the human body in four promo / didactic short films and one virtual experience. We approached the project from the creative concept to the final execution.

CASE STUDY of the project by Creative production IDEA VISUALIZE <
Jan Brukner / Creative Producer


15 min


At the beginning of each project, we find three basic pillars on which to build a creative idea. Each of these pillars should best describe the identity, story and form of creative communication. Just as in geometry we need at least three points to fix a plane, we do the same for the basic IDEA VISUALIZATION.


Commander Alice leads bio-expeditionary missions into the mysterious universe of the human body. She is a human guide and liaison between the rofessional world of science and the sci-fi concept of the story.


The MED.BOAT expedition ship allows our heroes to travel through complex gastroenterological areas all the way to tiny liver vessels. If necessary, the size of the boat can be changed to a few micrometers. The ship is "armed" with medical preparations for the treatment of patients.


Medic is a helper and advisor. He likes to occasionally boast about how many Latin words he knows, an exhaustive amount of information about the human body and medicines to please Captain Alice. We can still "see inside Medic's head" because he helpfully illustrates everything with holographic projections.

promo / didactic
film series

virtual interactive



How did the whole project come about?
Previews of the concepts, preparations and designs and the story...










  • Project management

  • Creative communication

  • Idea making / Creative concept

  • Creative Production

  • Film / Animation / VFX

  • Virtual experience


  • Lucie Černá
    Actress / Commander (Bionaut)

Lead Creative Crew

  • Jan Brukner
    Creative Director / idea maker / Designer

  • Bohdan Zajčenko 
    Director of Photography (DOP)  / camera 

  • Jindřich Kravařík
    Sound Engineer & Sound Designer

  • Jakub Šimandl
    Sound Engineer & Music Composer

Journey to

of human body…

We have created a total of four short trick films that give viewers a glimpse into the fantastic interior of the human body. In these films, we communicate towards gastroenterologists and share information about the medicines of the Czech company PRO.MED.CS. Although the project is not intended for the general public, it is an interesting case study of how highly specialized information can be communicated and education can be promoted in an entertaining or interesting way.


The idea that one day it will be possible to "see with our own eyes" the microworld and the mysterious corners of the human body is not new and has always fascinated science fiction lovers. This fascinating and risky journey was described, for example, in the films "Fantastic Voyage (1966)" or "Innerspace (1987)". We are equally inspired by classic science fiction, where the main characters utter many incomprehensible expressions. In our case, these nonsensical expressions are replaced by Latin terminology, highly technical information and data on the treatment of various diseases and the modes of action of medicines. Combining entertainment with expertise is one way of conveying a large amount of information in a short space of time at conferences, trade fairs or museum exhibitions without losing the audience's attention.


The combination of expert narrative, exact science with a science fiction story is therefore the form we have chosen to convey information quickly and entertainingly at professional conferences. We designed the story and genre based on the specific topic. In some cases it is a slow-burning investigative detective plot, in other cases it is an action-packed plot that gets us to the point quickly. We don't play on any complex set design or any multi-layered story, even considering the limited length of the short films, which is between 3 and 5 minutes. For this reason, we made do with only two main characters. The creative concept of the story is always very simple. Our heroes wander around and try to help the patient with a specific problem, thus presenting the effects of specific active substances of the medicines. They inform professionally about the context of the syndrome or disease.


The short films were produced in a total of four complete language localisations and also as part of a short 360° virtual experience from the environment of the MED.BOAT bio-expedition ship. Producing this type of project is not entirely easy. So we took care in thorough preparation, script development and pre-production. The film production itself, with the actress in the studio, took a total of only three days. In order to simplify the actor's production, we also used 3D photogrammetric reconstruction of the actress within the specialized Dimensio studio. We thus obtained a double of the actress, who could stand in for us in some scenes. Another important part of the production was the sound design and music, which was completely realized by our colleagues from Sype Studios. More challenging was the preparation of the language versions (Czech, Slovak, English, Russian). Therefore, we had to communicate methodically with the client and we worked very closely with FORINEL SE agency, which provided professional support for the whole project. The creative production by IDEA VISUALIZE ran from the initial idea, creation of the script, concept, audiovisual production, post-production, 3D animation to the actual execution of the project and the creation of accompanying content materials for further communication (visuals, banners, spots).


The final project currently contains 4 episodes of a short film, set in different parts of the human body (stomach, intestinal area, liver area,...). We have thus created a total of about 15 minutes of animation and 150 trick shots. We also produced a virtual showroom where visitors can learn about the history of the company, the mode of actions of the therapeutic products or other activities of PRO.MED.CS.

BEHIND THE SCENE / Making of...


The most important part of any film production, whether classic, educational or promotional, is the story. In developing the narrative, we followed a methodical process from a basic idea tree and annotations to complete scene designs, which we then translated into storyboards. We used digital voices and full 3D previsualization of the footage to develop animatics (concepts with timing). These materials, along with the shooting documentation, helped us realize the film materials in a very short time of three days. However, the complete production and post-production was then within a few months.

<<< Dramaturgical curve of the plot  // Previsual Animatic >>>
 (only a schematic look for the storytelling development)


As mentioned at the beginning, the main character of our story is Captain Alice or "Bionaut", who is the human heart of the expedition and commands the bio-expedition ship. The role was perfectly portrayed by actress Lucie Černá, who added a human dimension and humour to the otherwise technical content and concept of the film. Her patience while filming with the production team and the imaginary robot-assistant Medic was great. When making a film like this, you need to have a great deal of imagination and be able to react to non-existent objects on the set, such as the robot Medic, who only spoke to Alice/Lucia via playback.


Medic was designed to be Captain Alice's assistant. This robot is a bit more subservient in nature at times, and often likes to overwhelm others with information, when he tends to show off a bit how many Latin words he knows. We also chose this robot character for a practical reason, as some technical terms in Latin are not at all easy for live actors to interpret. In addition, there were major changes in language localization and in post-synchronous use(language localization). Since the voice of the robot Medic was implemented using the "Ai" voice, we had a rather wider margin of manoeuvre for additional modifications by the client that appeared during the localisations. Sype Studios also did a very good job in this area.


The whole ship was inspired by diving bathyscaphes, sci-fi space ships. Its aerodynamic and organically curved shape is meant to act as an expedition rescue boat and observation submarine. The ship is "armed" with medical supplies for patient treatment, with two chambers for torpedo drug applicators in the forward section and a silo with rocket-powered drug delivery vehicles in the aft section. The MED.BOAT expedition ship allows our heroes to travel through complex gastroenterological areas all the way to tiny liver vessels. If necessary, the size of the ship can be changed to a few micrometers.


A very important part and the center of animated films is always the so-called "mode of actions" of the medicinal product. Here we can observe in schematic animations, didactic infographics, what chemical, physical and biological actions are produced by medicinal products. The mechanisms of action of the drugs in the area of receptors, mucous membranes or even the complete metabolic system are described.


virtual excursion on board the expedition ship with didactic information and company presentation. Virtual experiences are an interesting addition to the whole multimedia communication package and can be presented to the audience through different platforms (headset, tablet, touch TV, etc.).


This type of interactive experience allows the viewer to become more immersed in the action. As a visitor, you will be taken directly on board the bio-expedition ship, where you will be greeted by Captain Alice and guided by the robot Medic. Within the various departments of the ship, you can learn more about PRO.MED.CS or see some of the medicinal products and information about the corporation's other activities. At the front of the ship you can view the on-board video diary of our expeditions.


The virtual tour also includes projections of didactic videos with infographics and schematic action of medicinal products. Thus, it is a repetition of part of the videos and multimedia layering of information, where the viewer is again confronted with the most important messages and deeper involvement in the plot. Virtual experiences are an interesting diversification of the whole multimedia communication package and can be presented to the audience through different platforms (headset, tablets, touch screen TV, etc.).