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Follow-up experimental virtual world adaptation of the theater play of group VOSTO 5. Creative collaboration with BrainzVR / Immersive 2016.


  • Brainz

Studio/ Agency

  • BrainzVR
    (BrainZ Immersive)


  • Robin Pultera
    Project manager

  • Jana Gálisová
    Account manager

  • Petr Hanousek
    Creative Director

  • Ondřej Pultera
    Unity developer

  • Martin Štěpánek

  • Jan Brukner 
    Art Director / 3D / Motion Designer

What I Did

  • Concept / Storyboard

  • 3D Design/Animation

  • Unity 3D environment

  • VFX Supervision


The feeling
watching your body
from the height of infinity...

An experimental test of virtual reality, loosely based on the events of the play Colonization - A New Beginning. The play was staged at the Archa Theatre in Prague by the theater group VOSTO 5.


My first collaboration with the then emerging studio Brainz VR / Immersive. I worked on storyboards, implementing the design of 3D locations and integrating film techniques and acting in the Unity engine.



The accompanying scene of the virtual experience is the ARCHA Theatre space, which I simply converted into 3D. Thus, the viewer moves from the real environment of the theatre where the production of the event took place to a virtual twin of the identical environment. Only with the difference that the space opens up, losing the ceiling, where the infinite space of the universe is located... the play can begin.


The director of the virtual experience, Petr Hanousek, came up with the great idea that virtual reality is the perfect space to experience the feeling of "out-of-body". You become the protagonist for a moment, the astronaut Olaf, whose life is in danger. His ghost (i.e. you) floats freely and looks down on his body. The spaces of the cosmos open up and so does our brief dramatically humorous journey.

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Above you can watch a short film about the film and the background of the filming and creation of the VR project (document by Eliška Bruknerová). Don't forget to turn on the sound >>

idea maker
visual  artist
creative director

Contact me

  • CELL : +420 721235897
  • MAIL : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Prague / Czech Republic
    Central Europe

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