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Two imaginative short, low-budget films to promote the studies of the Faculty of Mining and Geology at the Technical University of Ostrava. Cooperation with the Opava film production Action Please.


  • University of Mining
    Technical University of Ostrava


  • ACTION Please

What I Did

  • Concept Design

  • Environment Design

  • 2D & 3D Matte Painting

  • Visual Effects (VFX)

  • VFX Supervision


  • Radim Dittrich
    Director / Screenwriter

  • Jiří Mlčoch
    Camera / DOP

  • Jan Brukner
    VFX Supervizor
    3D / Digital Artist


From the world
covered in garbage
to the moon mining base

Two imaginative short, low-budget films to promote the studies of the Faculty of Mining and Geology at the Technical University of Ostrava. In the films, the viewer visits a sci-fi environment of a lunar mining base and a world overwhelmed by waste. 


The first film takes us to a world beset by piles of waste. In a grotesque way, the short film deals with a near alternative future where people have underestimated the need for environmental studies and sensible waste management. In the second short, we move to the sci-fi setting of a mining base on the moon. The message is clear - there will always be mining, because it is an activity that has been with humans since time immemorial.


It was a very fun collaboration with the production team from Action Please in Opava. We shot in the studio in Ostrava on a classic green background as well as in the field. I participated in the project as a VFX supervisor on the film locations. I provided complete creative production of animation shots, visual effects, 3D locations, 3D matte painting. You can see the production process in two short "breakdown" videos.


In this area I had a very free hand to be creative. I designed the complete concept of the trick scenes. In the case of the moon station design, I was inspired by large open pit mines like Mirni, a giant technique used to extract raw materials. I conceived the whole concept of the moon base itself as a place where nations in their diversity are already working together and have found a common path, pulling together for the overall prosperity and positive development of humanity.


To realize the 3D shots I used the 3D program Cinema 4D and the compositing program Fusion. I have always developed fully digital exterior and interior shots in three steps. 1. preconception of the design (simple drawing to capture the idea) 2.three dimensional composition 3. completion in 3D. All of this was linked to the acting, which I matched to the storyline so that it corresponded with the design and "fit" into the final scene.


One of the film locations was, for example, in the location of the giant municipal landfill in Ostrava - Hrušov, where 200 tons of waste end up every day. We had a regular filming session in the middle of the giant landfill right in the middle of the operation. There were many humorous situations when, for example, the "landscape" was waving with every passage of garbage trucks. There was 30 metres of waste under our feet. The garbage men's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when they saw a young "couple in love" of actors laying out a picnic blanket amidst the rotting garbage. The filming participants also had the unique opportunity to play golf in the middle of the dump, hitting garbage instead of balls.When creating matte paints I used a rich database of photographs. In the case of the landfill, it is the scenery of the Gjere Mountains, which I documented during my visit to Albania.