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Symptom Pandorum

Germany/UK/USA sci-fi horror film PANDORUM. Post-production and VFX by UPP Studio. Directed by Christian Alvart. 2009


  • Constantin Film
    Impact Pictures
    Studio Babelsberg


  • Christian Alvart
    Director of movie


  • Universal Production Partners (UPP)


  • Viktor Müller
    visual effects supervisor

  • Jan Kůrka
    senior cgi artist / 3Dshader / rendering artist

  • Jan Jinda
    senior cgi artist / 3D asset modeller

  • Jan Brukner
    senior cgi artist / 3D Matte painter

  • full cast (IMDB)

What I Did

  • 3D texturing / assets

  • 3D matte painting


Sci-fi story
of the crew of a spaceship
And Pandora's Box...

The heroes of the sci-fi film explore the dark corners of the Pandorum spaceship. Will they open that imaginary box of secrets and find out what the real truth is?


Pandorum was another film where I worked with the team at UPP on post-production. In the case of this project I was closely focused on painting/creating digital surfaces and refining the environment and 3D matte painting.We worked on the actual post-production of the project for a little over half a year.

One of the most challenging jobs was texturing the eponymous giant spaceship, which had several digital artists working on it simultaneously. Texturizing the ship involved all sorts of maps, where in addition to various specular, dirt, metallic maps there were also maps for glowing lights etc.

Other interesting shots, in terms of technology, were for example the command bridge, where I solved the 3D reconstruction of the environment for the dynamic camera raid from space.

Great care was also given to the interior location of the spaceship's reactor, which was also the focus of the story. For this location I collaborated with the exceptional digital artist Jan Kůrka. The detailed to super-detailed textures and shaders took us over a month of debugging.

Sculpting/digital modeling of the surface of the moon Enceladus was again a challenging school in terms of coordinating collaboration and working with giant data.

Not only in this project, I also worked on learning the BodyPaint 3D texturing tool. You can see some samples in the thumbnails below. We worked on the actual post-production of the project for a little over half a year.

idea maker
visual  artist
creative director

Contact me

  • CELL : +420 721235897
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    Prague / Czech Republic
    Central Europe

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