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A magical journey from deep history to the futuristic present with the power of the dragon hiding under the hood.


  • JEEP




  • Vladimír Jedlička
    Director - Agency Mandrake

  • Jan Rybář
    VFX Supervisor, TD

  • Vlastimil Stejskal
    3D Generallist

  • Tomáš Havelka
    3D Generallist /Character Artist

  • Peter Harakaly
    3D character animator, camera

  • Jan Brukner
    Concept Artist / Art Direction / 3D generalist

What I Did

  • Concept and Storyboard
  • Environment design

  • 3D Visualisation
  • 3D Rendering


A noble ancient dragon
flies through a dramatic landscape
and the monuments of great cities

A nearly 2-minute long presentation spot for JEEP DRAGON, which was shown at the Beijing Motor Show.


The short film was designed for the Chinese market, and the visuals and themes were adapted accordingly. Very intensive and complex work on the project over three weeks. This fullCG clip/short film was realized in a very shortened time of three weeks.


The main focus of the production in my case was the development of the stylization and realization of the 3D environment, atmosphere, lighting and rendering of the environment. The supervisor of the film was Jan Rybář, the director was Vladimír Jedlička. Realized in IMAGES FX studio - today's PROGRESSIVE FX. I worked very closely with the excellent character animator Peter Harakaly.


For the short video, besides 3D environment design and stylization, I also suggested creative solutions for animated transitions between scenes and implemented a simple storyboard.

Athmosphere & Environment design

The mountains turn into elegantly dark monuments that intermingle with villages, human buildings and monuments. The visual stylization that connects the whole animation clip is a reflective material referring to the car paint reflecting everything like a dark calm and deep mirror.Working with our colleagues we aimed for a contrasting atmosphere. The dark paint and the golden dragon. Following the pattern of the yin/yang contrast.

From history to future of China

Our guide is an ancient dragon who has awakened from the heart of the mountain to guide us through the magical landscape. From the small rice paddies and highlands, we move into the mountain landscape. We fly over the pagodas, the monumental Great Wall of China, to arrive in Beijing via Shanghai. History merging with the futuristic present.