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The fairytale musical fantasy and the first Czech feature film designed and produced for 3D stereoscopic cinemas. Director : František Brabec. 2009-2010


  • Hollywood Classic Entertainment (H.C.E.)


  • František Brabec
    Director of movie,
    DOP, camera


  • ACE Post


  • Martin Paleček
    ACE - project manager

  • Vlaďka Poláčková
    ACE - project manager

  • Sergei Yurskyi
    2D compositor

  • Tomáš Snížek
    2D compositor

  • Vanda Palisová
    3D Generalist / Animator

  • Jan Kuřimský
    VFX (houdiny) Artist

  • Vlastimil Stejskal
    3D Generalist / Rendering artist

  • Peter Harakaly
    3D character Animator

  • Jan Brukner 
    Concept artist / 3D Designer / Environment designer

What I Did

  • Creative Preproduction

  • Concept design

  • Environment design

  • 3D Matte painting / Animation


In the magic duvet
and her dream world
Fairy-tale reality is mirrored..

The fairytale film In the Duvet, directed and shot by František Brabec, was above all a great and fun working experience with a real 3D stereoscopic film that combined live action with a CGI 3D environment.


The film was the first 3D (stereoscopic) feature film produced in the Czech Republic. The intensive production and close cooperation with director František Brabec often brought us many fun moments, despite the more demanding 3D production, whether it was working in ateliers or studios.

In the (post)production phase of the work we realized many VFX shots in the team of 3D animators/graphic artists. The actual production of the film was more complicated, because of the already mentioned "3D" (stereoscopy) format. The real scenes were shot with a set of two cameras (3D stereo-rig), so in post-production and 3D we worked with "stereo film materials".

official movie trailer

Initial designs for environments and scenes


At the beginning of the production, our task was to design a dream world inside the duvet. Based on reading the script for the film, I created several designs for the environment in combination with the actors. I wrapped the film's town in the designs within the dream quilts. I was inspired by the classic fairy tale "The Little Pot to Cook" and especially by classic quilts, patchwork and of course the children's theme - the contrast of toys and real buildings. After agreeing and presenting the designs, it was time for implementation. We created a kind of dream image of a real film location. It was Havlíček Square in the town of Písek. In the final stage, the visual result of the dream fantasy locations moved in a slightly different direction than I intended in the original concept, especially in the area of color.

first concepts and designs of the dream world of duvet

first concepts and designs of the dream world of duvet


As one of the examples I present the location of the so-called Hill of Fear. A dark place in an otherwise fairy-tale happy world. A sort of subconscious where the characters of the story go to face their fears and anxieties. Below you can see the designs and design studies of the "Mountain of Fear" environment. There is also a preview from the 3D program and final shots from my compositing colleagues.

Work In Progress - Preview From 3D / No Lights / No Rendering


The next example I am showing here is also from the "Mountain of Fear" location. Below you can see the designs and design studies of the "Gate of Fear" environment. I based the design on architecture existing in the real world. There is a working preview from a 3D program and the composition of several follow-up shots.

idea maker
visual  artist
creative director

Contact me

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    Prague / Czech Republic
    Central Europe

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