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Animated stylized intro for Fresenius Kabi featuring an educational forum for professionals in various medical fields.

CASE STUDY of the project by Creative production IDEA VISUALIZE <
Jan Brukner / Creative Producer


At the beginning of each project, we find three basic pillars on which to build a creative idea. Each of these pillars should best describe the identity, message and form of creative communication. Just as in geometry we need at least three points to fix a plane, we do the same for the basic IDEA VISUALIZATION.


One of the main objectives was to imprint the identity of Fresenius Kabi in a creative way into the animated video. From the colour scheme, to the element of watercolour painting, to the meaning of the logo connecting the three expert characters.


Scientist - Doctor-Professor are a reflection of the Fresenius Kabi logo, which in three parallel lines hides three experts, three worlds from the world of healthcare


The animated shorthand we chose is a fusion of modern 3D animation and stylized watercolor painting, which adds a lightness and purity to the animation.








  • Ident video development

  • Idea making / Creative concept

  • Creative Production

  • Animation

Lead Creative Crew

  • Jan Brukner
    Creative Director / idea maker / Designer


introducing the eduportal...

Fresenius Kabi is a global healthcare company specializing in the manufacture and distribution of pharmaceuticals and medical technologies. The purpose of the animation was to create a video that captures the corporation's identity through a stylized symbolic acronym, connecting the target areas and creating an emotive intro that welcomes the visitor to a new educational forum for experts and professionals in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.


Each environment in which representatives of the three professions move is very distinctive and creates contrasts. The scientific workplace is full of concentration, the desire to discover and develop new active substances. The hospital is a space where doctors, nurses are in practice trying to help patients and save lives. It's a dynamic place where moments often make the difference. The space of the conference hall evokes the excitement of sharing new discoveries and experiences.


A continuous camera fly-through of the three worlds of healthcare and science, based on Fresenius Kabi's brand and commitment to delivering cutting-edge products and treatments that save lives. The short clip features three diverse environments and three heroes, the experts for whom the educational forum pages are designed. The idea was to connect the microworld of science with the macroworld of education and the search for the next door of knowledge, which symbolically opens at the end of the animated intro clip. Here, three disciplines come together to form a whole.


We moved from creative communication, initial design, concept and storyboarding to creative production. Production was a combination of 3D computer animation and advanced stylized animation techniques. To add to the atmosphere, we created a sound design that matched the atmosphere of the environment. The music theme tries to introduce the content in a dynamic but unobtrusive way.


The production of the video was therefore carried out from the initial creative idea to the final realization.The production also included the preparation of large-scale visualizations. The animation production took place in several steps. On the basis of the animated intro we produced a second video that introduced the content of the educational portal to the experts.


The Fresnius Kabi brand is defined by a series of elements, symbols and visual communication styles. For us, the logo was a central symbol of the concept of animation that defined the story and content of the video. Thus, the symbolism of the three lines representing the three characters, the experts. Next, it was the corporate colours of blue and white shades. The last element was the graphic element that appears in Fresenius Kabi's key visuals. That is, a tiny brushstroke of watercolour paint. This element defined the approach to developing the stylization of the animation, which we conceived as a watercolor painting.


The main protagonists of the short animated video are three professionals from three different worlds, which are covered by Fresenius Kabi's specialisation. At the beginning of the video we find ourselves in a laboratory where a scientist is examining a sample. We then move to a hospital where a doctor is visiting a patient. The third setting, the imaginary "habitat" of the specialist, is the lecture hall and our last hero, the lecturing professor, an expert in medicine. The last shot then connects our heroes, who meet in the same place, passing through another door of knowledge. In the last stage, they come together to form a single entity, covered by the logo of Fresenius Kabi.





The animated stylization has gone through several phases of development. We worked on the colouring as well as the subtlety of the strokes, the intensity of the drawing, the filling of the colours and their movement. We tried to bring the overall impression closer to the feeling of pure, emotionally subtle animation. An animation that doesn't overwhelm the expertise and seriousness of the subject matter, but at the same time welcomes the visitor in an appealing way. It evokes an initial feeling of interest in further expert content especially converting the visitor into an active user of the FK educational forum.

Development of visual stylization of animation

Final shot

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