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"Last engineer"

A time when engineer is auctioned as a rare commodity? An absurd notion and the start of a campaign in which "The Machinist is the star"... Cooperation with the Opava film production Action Please. Year 2016.


  • University of Mining
    Technical University of Ostrava




  • Radim Dittrich
    Director / screenwriter

  • Jiří Mlčoch
    DOP / cameraman

  • Jan Brukner
    Concept Designer
    Matte Painter
    VFX / 3D Artist

What I Did

  • Concept Design

  • 3D Motion design

  • Real-time design

  • 2D Matte Painting

  • Visual Effects (VFX)

  • VFX Supervision


The last engineer's escape
through a time machine
to next starring roles?

A time when engineer is auctioned as a rare commodity? An absurd notion and the start of a campaign in which "The Last engineer"
...and just wants to escape through the time machine...


The director Radim Dittrich from the Opava production Action Please contacted me with another campaign production, this time for the Technical University of Engineering in Ostrava with the subtitle "In the main role of the engineer".

3D Time Machine model and fully animated design in real-time preview


We agreed on a collaboration where I implemented several full VFX / 3D effects shots. Futuristic panorama of the building of the Technical University of Ostrava and several interior effects shots. The most fun work for me was the development of the "Time Machine" design for the film shots and also for the real-time 3D graphics and animated interactive engagement for the campaign website.


During the design process I collected a large number of reference photos. The main inspiration for the design of the time machine ended up being a sculpture I saw during my visit to Rome in one of the Vatican courtyards. "Sfera con sfera" by the Italian sculptor Arnoldo Pomodoro. Next, it was Leonardo Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man motif that gave rise to the rings. Another great inspiration was certainly the so-called "Aerotrim", which is used to train astronauts in a weightless state.

The most complicated part of the design for me was the small parts of the time machine object - sort of chapters that referred to the different technical disciplines of the technical college. For each field, I collected a number of reference photos and studied the websites of the technical fields.

For example, the viewer can find : solar panels and spiral wind turbines (the field of Solar and Wind Energy). Current engines (the field of Jet and Rocket Engines), Robotic Probe (Robotics Automated Control), etc. All this was because the time machine also served as a dynamic interactive object that referenced its parts to the different fields in real time 3D graphics online on the campaign website. You can see the interactive 3D model above.


With colleagues from Action Please I took part in a shoot in Ostrava, where I handled VFX supervision on location. Subsequently, I realized the complete production of visual effects and trick shots. 1. The escape of the engineer with the help of the time machine and his encounter with the machine in the technical room (actually an acoustic chamber in Ostrava). 2. The explosion of the booby trap when the engineer eliminated the pursuer. Exterior shot taken at the University of Mining - Technical University Ostrava.