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MILK 2025

The largest professional conference on cattle automation called "Milk 2025" and a virtual studio blending nature with modern technology.

CASE STUDY of the project by Creative production IDEA VISUALIZE <
Jan Brukner / CEO & Creative Producer


At the beginning of each project, we find three basic pillars on which to build a creative idea. Each of these pillars should best describe the identity, message and form of creative communication. Just as in geometry we need at least three points to fix a plane, we do the same for the basic IDEA VISUALIZATION.


The red cow Lely is a kind of mascot of the eponymous Dutch manufacturer of agricultural machinery and robots based in Maassluis. It is considered one of the leading manufacturers of dairy robots. The animated Lely appeared randomly during the conference.


The combination of organic architecture, inspired by the curves of the Agro-Partner logo, and nature is meant to evoke a connection with modern technology. Nature is subtly intertwined with the architecture and the panoramic views of the pastures.


During the conference, individual agro-robotic products with names such as "vector", "astronaut", "discovery", "orbiter", etc. appear in the studio. The futuristic concept here was therefore obvious and we decided for a sci-fi rendition of the animation.


  • AGRO-partner





  • Idea making / Creative concept

  • Creative Production

  • Film / Animation / VFX

Lead Creative Crew

  • Jan Brukner
    Creative Director / idea maker / Designer


for virtual event...

For the purpose of the virtual conference produced by SlidesLive, we realized a complete animated design of the virtual studio. A space that combines nature and the supermodern robotic technologies of tomorrow.


The picturesque Bohemian landscape with grazing herds of cows is a scene that evokes nostalgia and the classic idea of a cultural landscape. When modern technology is involved, it creates a very interesting contrast that stirs the imagination to combine technology and nature.


The design itself was based on several brainstorming sessions and the development of the visuals. The concept is based on real designs of stables, farm buildings of the last generation. The panorama of nature is a kind of fusion of the Bohemian landscape. The architectural design of the studio was inspired by the Agro-partner logo.


Considering the fantastic scenery and modern concept of architecture, we decided to use 3D animation. We realized complete motion design graphics, architectural environment, matte painting and layout. We worked closely with SlidesLive, who provided live streaming of the event and a complete film and production solution for the conference.


The final deliverable was a package of basic virtual studio materials that we handed over to SlideSlive during the live production. The actual implementation from our side was therefore in this case focused purely on the concept, creative communication, offline implementation of the virtual environment and animation.


The graceful curve of the studio is clearly inspired by the leaf motif in the Agro-partner logo. For added emphasis, design elements such as the ice-glow veining of the leaves appear in the space. The main idea behind the design of the environment was the subtle blending of a clean and technological studio with the earthy atmosphere of a flowering meadow. The scene with the grazing herd of cows, dandelions pollinated by bees and the clear sky are meant to evoke the purity of the design and the intention of the realisation.


During the conference, individual agro-robotic products appear in the studio with names like "vector", "astronaut", "discovery", "orbiter", etc. The futuristic concept of the products here was therefore obvious and we decided to go for a sci-fi rendition of the animation. Modern farms where the animals decide for themselves when to go out to graze or whether they need to be milked. A specialized robot "gatekeeper" automatically opens the paddock if they want to go to pasture. In the pasture, another robot is waiting to automatically milk them if the cows want it. In the stable, another robot feeds or cleans the animals. These technologies also show that agriculture is moving into a whole new era of automation and possible more ethically friendly operations.

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creative director

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