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From the invention of the wheel, to airplanes, to nuclear power, we take a journey through time. Motion design "holographic" animation (Pepper’s Ghost Illusion) Year 2016.


  • University of Mining
    Technical University of Ostrava




  • Radim Dittrich
    Story / Screenwriter
    Idea maker

  • Jan Brukner
    3D Motion designer
    Digital Artist / Editor
    (co)idea maker

What I Did

  • Concept Design

  • 3D Motion Design

  • Final edit



Pepper's Ghost is an illusionistic technique used in theatre, cinema, theme parks, museums and concerts. It is named after the English scientist John Henry Pepper. He first popularized the effect in 1862 in a theatrical setting.

Today, thanks to modern technology and 3D graphics, we are able to take this effect many orders of magnitude further again, creating the impression of spatial "holograms" that change with viewing angle or are even interactive.


A short narrative motion design animation served as a supplement to the campaign of the Technical University of Ostrava during the campaign implemented by Action please. "Last Engineer".

I collaborated with director Radim Dittrich on the realization. Action Please supplied me with a narrator soundtrack and a rough storyboard, which I further developed in 3D to create a complex motion design animation that "flies through the world" telling the story of how engineering and mechanical engineering were important in the development of mankind. From the invention of the wheel, to airplanes, to nuclear power, we take a journey through time


I handled the complete production of the 3D animation, compositing, editing to final clearance into a format designed for mobile devices In the presentation videos you can see the animation in action.

The animation was unique in that if the viewer changed the point of view, each side of the reflective pyramid carried an adequate angle of view of the 3D object/animation, which was obviously more complicated to produce, but was one of the ideas I wanted to use to enhance this otherwise very simple effect.


If you would like to run the animation on your device, all you need is a reflective medium (3D plastic pyramid to display the hologram). This pyramid can be purchased online or you can make it yourself. ( internet is full of DIY how-to videos;-)

idea maker
visual  artist
creative director

Contact me

  • CELL : +420 721235897
  • MAIL : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Prague / Czech Republic
    Central Europe

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