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3D (stereoscopic) film takes us through the depths of prehistoric seas via a small expedition submarine. 2014



  • DINOPARK / Theme of Script


  • ACE Post


  • Martin Paleček
    ACE - project manager

  • Steve Lichtag
    Captain of submarine

  • Tomáš Snížek
    2D compositor

  • Jan Střípek
    2D compositor

  • Vanda Palisová
    3D Generalist / Animator

  • Jan Kuřimský
    VFX (houdiny) Artist

  • Tomáš Havelka
    3D Character artist / Sculpter /
    Concept/Storyboard Artist

  • Vlastimil Stejskal
    3D Generalist / Rendering artist

  • Peter Harakaly
    3D character Animator

  • Jan Brukner 
    Script / Concept artist /
    3D Designer

What I Did

  • Creative Preproduction / Script

  • Concept and Storyboard 

  • Environment design

  • 3D Matte painting / Animation


Let's immerse
115 million years ago
to the depths of Cretaceous seas

Venture into a prehistoric sea inhabited by gigantic animals. A short 3D (stereoscopic) animated film for DINOPARK theme parks and accompanied by a real sea wolf - Steve Lichták.


In collaboration with colleagues, we developed a creative concept based on the client's idea. It was from a series of other short films for DINOPARK. The main hero / villain of the story was to be a giant sea creature "Kronosaurus" up to 11 meters long. As part of the production, we delved into the material and did detailed research on the various creatures and animals the viewer might see. As this is not only a film but also an attraction, the experience was enriched with real vibrations and shakes in the theme park projection room during stereoscopic projection, in addition to the 3D depth of the image.


In addition to the 3D depth of the image, the film experience was enhanced by the vibrations and tremors in the theme park's projection room. On this project, we had a similar line-up of filmmakers as on the previous installment of the dino park (triceratops - a cub's story). Although we didn't have much time to produce the animation itself, the work did go faster. This is mainly thanks to the already quite well-knit team of creators with several years of joint work experience and fresh experience from creating underwater scenes for the feature film Aldabra 3D. The production of the film took place in the ACE studio (today's SPOON studio Prague).

Among other things, I also worked on the story preconception, preparation, environment design and 3D realization. In the last phase I was also involved in 3D matte painting. It was several months of intense underwater work. :)