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Extremes show on the need for Harmony...
This is personal project, which is an allegory, parables and reflection ...

Extremes show
on the need for Harmony

The personal project that is an allegory, a parable and a reflection. Very often in our lives we are called upon to choose between two seemingly irreconcilable opposites that can become extremes. These extremes are actually the Teachers who warn us about approaching the in-between that causes suffering.

Jan Brukner - Idea maker / digital artist - 2015


I find inspirations in the classic books such as the Bible, the Koran, the Tao Te Ching, the Nag Hammadi codex, Labyrinth of the World and Paradise of the Heart (Jan Amos Comenius) ... In the Nature. The concept is built on a timeless ancient symbols and universal archetypes that transcend cultural identity: Light, Darkness, Trinity Cross, Swastikas, Hexagram, Caduceus, Ouroboros, rational and irrational Numerology, Fibonacci sequence etc .)


Just like in the famous Greek myth of Icarus, who wanted to fly higher and even higher closer to the Light... He fell in love with the idea of touching the sun, lost his footing and his contact with the Earth, only to find it again with deadly speed. There is no need to talk about the stories where the heroes have been swallowed by the Darkness, because there are countless of them around us.

What may be generally perceived as good and beautiful can become evil and ugly when exceeded to a certain degree. What is often perceived as evil is then a counterbalancing counterweight. Opposites have their limits beyond which "Death" occurs. 

It need not be physical death immediately, but also "just" the transformation of the state into the Right or Left opposite, like a pendulum or a balance. Like tightrope walkers, we balance and walk between quanta of possibilities.

Left or Right ?
Calm or Active ?
Inward or Outward ?
Act Negatively or Positively ?
Enjoy the Darkness or the Light?
Looking Up or Looking Down?
To be a self-centered Selfishness or a Martyr who gives himself away for others?
To be guided by Reason and Rationality or by Feeling and Intuition?
Preferring the Father Principle or the Mother Principle?
To be bound by the Order of the Intellect or to submit to the Anarchy of the Body and the Instincts ?

If we remain for a long time in an extreme situation, suffering and sometimes even Death come, and it does not matter whether from the Left or the Right, from the Abyss or from the Darkness...

Extremes point to the need for Harmony.
Is there not a third way after all?
The Way
卐 Midlle 卍


Extremes point to the need for Harmony.
Is there not a third way after all?
The Way
卐 Midlle 卍


卐 卍

The SWASTIKA in different cultures of the World: historical examples of archetypal symbol(s)
REFERENCE LIST (books) : The Swastika: The Earliest Known Symbol, and Its Migrations (2010, Thomas Wilson) / Swastika / Hitler not invented the swastika ( 2008, ManWoman) / Encyclopedia of Symbols (2000, Udo Becker) / Dictionary of Chinese Symbols (2001, Wolfram Eberhard) / The Book of Signs (CZ 1997, Rudolf Koch) / Symbols: and There Hidden Meanings (2006, T.A. Kenner),..

idea maker
visual  artist
creative director

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