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stylized animated jingle for the Czech Television travelogue show and my first collaboration with Pavel Sadílek. 2005


  • Czech Television


  • FRMOL production


  • Walter Kraft
    Music composer / sound designer

  • Pavel Sadílek
    Director / Animator / 3D Generallist

  • Jan Brukner
    Designer / Matte Painter / 3D Generallist

What I Did

  • Concept Design

  • 3D Matte Painting

  • Environment design


Tighten the sails
to explore mysterious landscapes
fly through the world "On the Journey"

In 2005, I was approached by director Pavel Sadílek to collaborate on the theme jingle for a new travelogue programme on Czech Television called "Na Cestě" (On the Journey). 


At that time Pavel liked my older work of the flying ship "Drakar" and the concepts of environments I had from earlier. It was the ship travelling through fantastic landscapes that ended up being the main motif of the theme jingle. In 2014, Pavel and I met again after years of working together to create a remake of this jingle in fullHD. The show with this opening theme has been on the air for over 15 years.


This was the first widescreen film in 16:9 format (PAL at that time) on Czech television. We used 3D animation and digital painting. I focused on the complete realization of the environment using 3D matte paint technique and small animated elements. Pavel dealt with the animation of the ship, modeling and final editing of the whole jingle.


The concept of the ship itself I derived from the design of the Viking longship "drakar". Later we just removed the shields and made it a bit more civilian. The connection with the airship and the levitating objects always fascinated me. The feeling of freedom and being able to fly wherever you want. The mystery of undiscovered landscapes like in the books of Jules Verne and the visual narrative of Karel Zeman were certainly inspirations that consciously or unconsciously influenced us.


For the oriental scenery I was inspired by the landscapes of Arabia and Yemen, which was one of the first places we could visit with the wandering camera "On the Road". I've always been fascinated by the intricate walls that pastoralists have built over the centuries. The verticals of the minarets pointing like a finger to the sky and the mystery of the old abandoned fortresses above the cities with their narrow winding streets.


The next scene takes us to the semi-desert of the American Southwest. I was inspired by the notorious and impressive rocks of Monument Valley in Utah. Alongside the wild landscapes and untamed prairies, there is a contrast created with mankind's efforts to exploit natural resources.


The winter location is already an absolute fantasy interconnection of all sorts, especially architecturally symbolic monuments. On the ground plan of London we can see the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Chinese pagodas, Buddhist stupas, oriental minarets, Christian and Orthodox churches.


In the very beginning of the theme song, a wandering airship takes us to a fantasy landscape that connects different European places. I was inspired by the Austrian Alps and its snow-capped peaks, the German Oybin hill and its romantic rocks, or the distinctive Czech railway viaduct in the Kryštofovo Valley / Novina village. Considering the fact that Pavel and I are originally from Liberec, many motives for inspiration came from our Jizera Mountains.

idea maker
visual  artist
creative director

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    Prague / Czech Republic
    Central Europe

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