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Once Upon an Island

This documentary takes you through the life of the exotic Aldabra Atoll in the western Indian Ocean. Directed by Steve Lichtag. Year of production 2013.



  • Robert Schneider
    Petr Keller


  • Steve Lichtag
    Director / scriptwritter


  • ACE Post


  • Martin Paleček
    ACE - project manager

  • Tomáš Snížek
    2D compositor

  • Jan Střípek
    2D compositor

  • Daniel Severa Jr.
    VFX / composition supervisor

  • Martin Petro
    edit / colorist

  • Vanda Palisová
    3D Generalist / Animator

  • Jan Kuřimský
    VFX (houdiny) Artist

  • Tomáš Havelka
    3D Character artist / Sculpter

  • Vlastimil Stejskal
    3D Generalist / Rendering artist

  • Peter Harakaly
    3D character Animator

  • Jan Brukner 
    Concept artist / 3D Generalist / Matte painter

What I Did

  • Concept art

  • Environment design

  • 3D Matte painting / Animation


Aldabra Island
From prehistoric times to today
The unique home of life...

Journey into the depths of the ocean and close to the inaccessible islands of Madagascar with ALDABRA 3D, a narrative family documentary in true stereoscopic reality. Over two years of alternating intensive work on CG environments and 3D matte paints. Post-production and VFX by the team at ACE POST.


As part of the post-production of the project, we realized footage from the ancient history of Aldabra. A time when giant pterosaurs soared in the sky and monstrous creatures ruled the seas. It was a very enjoyable collaboration in the tight-knit ACE team with the distinctive director and adventurer Steve Lichtag. We studied a number of interesting facts about the animals, the flora of the time. All adapted for 3D production for viewing with stereoscopic glasses. Compared to a traditional 2D film production, it was, with exaggeration, twice the work.


I have designed and realized many environments. Starting with cosmic views of the geomorphological evolution of planet Earth and aerial views of the ocean, shots of Antarctica, islands of prehistory or deep sea scenery. Together with my colleagues from ACE, we populated these spaces with prehistoric fauna and flora of ancient times and brought them to life with visual effects. Atmospheric and desolate places, exotic islands alternated with dark and dramatic corners of the deep tectonic seabed. It was a very interesting and inspiring collaboration.

3D model
3D model

idea maker
visual  artist
creative director

Contact me

  • CELL : +420 721235897
  • MAIL : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Prague / Czech Republic
    Central Europe

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