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Stereoscopic (3D) film for Dinopark theme parks. We follow the dramatic journey of a lost baby triceratops across a prehistoric landscape. 2012



  • DINOPARK / Theme of Script


  • ACE Post

What I Did

  • Creative Preproduction / Script

  • Concept and Storyboard 

  • Environment design

  • 3D Matte painting / Animation


  • Martin Paleček
    ACE - project manager

  • Jan Rybář
    IMAGES Fx - VFX Supervizor

  • Tomáš Snížek
    2D compositor

  • Vanda Palisová
    3D Generalist / Animator

  • Jan Kuřimský
    VFX (houdiny) Artist

  • Tomáš Havelka
    3D Character artist / Sculpter / Concept Artist

  • Hynek Pakosta
    3D Generalist / Rendering artist

  • Vlastimil Stejskal
    3D Generalist / Rendering artist

  • Peter Harakaly
    3D character Animator

  • Jan Brukner 
    Storyboard Artist / Concept artist / 3D Matte painter


We follow
the journey of a baby triceratops
Will it find its way back to the herd?

The animated film for DINOPARK theme parks. Three months of intensive work and 10 minutes of 3D stereoscopic animation. Production and authoring was done with the ensemble of ACE POST and IMAGES FX (now PROGRESSIVE FX). At that time I was involved in creative storyboarding, concepting, realization of 3D environments and 3D matte painting.


The production of a (3D) stereoscopic film is always much more complex than a classic 2D film. Therefore, it also requires more thorough preparation and a deeper understanding of the technology. 

In close collaboration with the very skilled animator Peter Harakaly, I worked on the scene storyboard, which also served as a preconception and composition of the environment. 


I also designed moodboards and scene design studies. During the realization of the environments I worked with 3D generalist Vlastimil Stejskal, who, in addition to creating 3D models, was involved in scene assembly, lighting and stereoscopic supervision. Other colleagues in the team were animator Vanda Palisová, vfx(houdini)magician Jan Kuřimský and last but not least excellent character artist and 3D artist Tomáš Havelka. We also worked with Hynek Pakosta (today's Progressive FX).


Together with Vlastimil we also solved the placement of 3D matte paints and the creation of 3D environments. At this time, we were still using anaglyph (Red-Cyan) glasses for undoing/supervising stereoscopy. Stereoscopic headsets were not available at all like they are today.


I have also worked on the production of many 3D locations and 3D matte paintings or complete scenes of landscapes and environments. The resulting animated images were assembled, composed and beautifully stamped by nuke artist Tomas Snizek. All under the supervision of Jan Rybar's supervisor Images FX (today's Progressive FX).