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Surreal music video combined with real action of the singer and special casting characters. Two creators, a month of intense work. Year of production 2006 and my last collaboration on very interesting and creative videos  with director Pavel Sadilek.




  • 3Desade


  • Pavel Sadílek
    Director / animator / VFX Artist / Editor

  • Jan Brukner
    Concept Artist / 3D Generalist /  VFX Artist / Designer

What I Did

  • Concept Art / Design

  • 3D Character design / Animrig

  • 3D Assets / Visualisation

  • Animation / Visual effects


On the wings
flying turtles to the depths
fantasy of the Evening Star…

Surrealism intertwined with dream song in the minor colours of a black and white narrative…


On this clip, together with director Pavel Sadílek, we experienced one month of intense work at the limit of our strength. In the beginning I worked on the script and concept development. After filming the acting scenes in the Pokrok studio, we were in a race for time in (post)production.


For the visuals of the video, we were inspired by old photographs, atmospheric dreamlike places and the very specific work of photographer Misha Gordin. We decided to go the route of a distinctly surreal artistic narrative in a black and white colour palette and an intense gradation of animation. We tried to capture the essence of the song, the lyrics and its very atmosphere. Paul shared this intention with the singer and producer (Universal music). The work could begin.


The realization of 3D animated scenes was alternated with rendering. The composition of the rendered characters and 3D scenes was now done without the use of a compositing program. The "compositing" was done directly in the 3D program without further post-production and compositing adjustments.


Among many things, there was also the animated character of the flying turtle. To create this creature, I was inspired by the combination of the Giant Tortoise (body base), bat (wings), ladybug (winged trusses) and unicorn (horn on the tortoise's forehead). I then provided the tortoise with animated controls and brought it to life in 3D (see thumbnails below).


In addition to editing, Pavel Sadílek was also busy moving the environment into dynamic movements to music and sounds, making powerful use of the 3D program Cinema 4D - the then new Mograph module.
It was a challenging ride, with every available computer in our area finding a use for it, and also a tough chase in the age of dual-core processors.
I remember this project as a unique creative experience that taught us a lot and I took away a lot from its very intense and often emotional realization. The actual fate of this clip is a matter for another story.

Production year 2006 and my last collaboration on music videos with director Pavel Sadilek.

idea maker
visual  artist
creative director

Contact me

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    Prague / Czech Republic
    Central Europe

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