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Client / cowork

  • Czech Radio
    Creative HUB

  • Edita Kudláčová

  • Damian Machaj


  • Brainz VR / Immersive


  • Robin Pultera
    Project manager

  • Lucie Burešová
    Account manager

  • Petr Hanousek
    Creative Director

  • Kryštof Šuk
    Unity developer / Artist

  • Ondřej Pultera
    Unity developer

  • Petr Kollarčík
    3D & Motion designer

  • Milan Plešinger
    installation art / props maker

  • Roma Rio
    installation art / props maker

  • Martin Hůla
    sound designer

  • Veronika Myšková
    case video / behind the scene

  • Jan Brukner
    Art Director / 3D designer
    (co)idea maker

What I Did

  • Concept and Storyboard
  • Unity / Visual development

  • Art / 3D design

  • Art installation design 1. / 2.

  • videomapping


To see through
and empathize his fears..

What is it like to see a crisis situation through the eyes of the other? Sharing the fear, the sense of victimhood and loss of power over oneself? A virtual art installation on the anniversary of the real events of 1968.


In 1968, the invasion of the Warsaw Pact member countries determined the future development of Czechoslovakia for years to come. For the anniversary of these events, we created a tandem of two narrative projects using modern technologies - VR and AR - within the Brainz VR/ Immersive studio. In this case, it was a virtual experience and an art installation that worked intensively with the emotions and atmosphere intertwined with two viewers who share the same moment in the story, just looking at it from two different perspectives. In the first phase, the virtual experience was placed in a physical installation that was more literal in nature. In the second phase, I designed a more abstract installation in the form of a video mapping that was more connected to the actual visuality and atmosphere of the virtual space. In the project we worked very intensively with images intertwined with sound and emotional symbolism, going "under the skin of the viewer"...

The story is neither a record nor a document of the event. It is a fiction and a free artistic elaboration that is meant to refer to the real experiences and emotional experiences of many people who witnessed and participated in the real events of 1968.


How did the whole project come about?
Previews of the concepts, preparations and designs and the story...