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Can you imagine the personified fear of school math? It's time to face it! "Starring an engineer" and struggling with mathematics. Full CGi/VFX digital action shot for a short humorous film promoting studying at university and collaboration with ACTION PLEASE film production.


  • University of Mining Technical University of Ostrava




  • Radim Dittrich

  • Jan Brukner 
    Concept Artist
    3D Motion Designer
    3D / VFX Artist 

What I Did

  • Concept Art

  • 3D Design

  • 3D Matte painting

  • VFX / Animation

  • Composition / Edit


Face your fear
of mathematics.
"Math π Mecha" is coming...

Another humorous video from a series of short promotional films from the kitchen of the Opava production Action Please for the Technical University of Báň - Ostrava. This time, in "The main role of the engineer" he engages in a battle with mathematics. The bizarre trench battle with mathematics moves to a funny punchline...


The director of the film Radim Dittrich approached me with a "VFX one-shot". That is, the complete realization of the shot when the "main bad boss" of the scene appears. Designing and creating a robot that represents Ludolf's number - the letter π and a scene with a similar atmosphere to the movie "Stranger things".


I intended the actual concept design of the robot "Mat π (pi) Mecha" to not look too comical, but at the same time to be clearly legible and awe-inspiring. I was inspired by classic Japanese movies with absurd giant mecha. Such as the "power rangers with the visuals of old armored German-made machines" :)



In the end I decided to realize the whole scene as a 3D full CG shot. This allowed me to work better with lights, effects, explosions and fogs, which I placed a lot of in the shot to increase the dramatic atmosphere. I tried to make the best possible connection with the already shot footage.

The technique I used was hybrid 3D matte painting combined with 3D environments and 3D animated robot characters. All in Maxon Cinema 4D. I then did the full compositing of the large amount of layers in BlackMagic Fusion and the final editing touch in Davinci Resolve.

Face your fear of mathematics...

As a result, the student's nightmare materializes into a robot and the student must fight it. Or does he not have to? Check out the resulting video on the school's campaign site
by ACTION PLEASE production:  

idea maker
visual  artist
creative director

Contact me

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    Prague / Czech Republic
    Central Europe

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