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creative designs of two interactive installations for the Karel Zeman Museum (Filmový uzel Zlín)


  • Film Hub Zlín

  • Zuzana Bahulová

My role

  • Jan Brukner
    Creative Director / idea maker / Designer

Creative designs

from a journey to prehistory...

Two installation designs for the planned exhibition of the film director and great Karel Zeman, who made the legendary film "Journey to Prehistory" in 1955. Interactive installations were not implemented due to the time demands of the production.


Prehistoric monsters and the amazing films of Karel Zeman are an endless source of inspiration. What made this director's personality exceptional was his ability as a creative person to use the latest technology of the time and invent entirely new techniques in a creative and imaginative way.How would he proceed today? Surely he would have readily used all sorts of techniques from the digital world, combining them with classical filmmaking in his own inventive way.


Within the concept, the idea of interactive installations was developed, where visitors (young and old) will be able to "play in the film" and through modern techniques to understand how film was magical back then, but in a new way. A fun way to connect with the interactive and "digital magic" of today.


The implementation itself has not reached the stage of production documentation. We only created visuals and a study on suitable technology and equipment. Production would require architectural implementation and development of interactive applications with appropriately interfaced hardware.


Interactive installations were not implemented due to the time demands of the production and remained only a concept and study of interactivity "on paper".

1. Interactive Stegosaurus installation

The most fun part of this installation was to create an "instapoint" for taking photos, making videos in collaboration with other audience members who control the action on stage. The main motif of the set was to be a reconstruction of the reclining model of a stegosaurus that appeared in the film Journey to Prehistory. Only with the difference that it would be possible to interactively control the scene, the light, the weather and view the anatomical details of the prehistoric animal, such as muscles, skeleton. This would create an interactive game installation that would encourage visitors to play different games and ways of combining the scene and creating fun situations that could then be shared online, especially by young visitors.

2. Interactive diorama installation

The second installation was designed to be more intimate and would use an age-old trick, the "Pepper's ghost" visual illusion. Here the viewer would again become part of prehistory, but this time reduced to miniature size. This would create a subtle scene in which he would look at his shrunken self amidst a miniature diorama with prehistoric monsters towering over him, creating a dramatic situation. Again, this would be an installation that would encourage the creativity of visitors, who could act out how they would behave if a giant T-rex appeared next to them and video the situation and send it to their friends.

idea maker
visual  artist
creative director

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