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Murderous Tales

“The Lighthouse”

The noir atmosphere of a misty landscape tells the ballad of an extraordinary encounter between an explorer from distant worlds and the poetics of life in a small pond on planet Earth. Directed by Honza Bubeníček. 2015.


  • Film and Television Company
    Total HelpArt T.H.A.,
    Czech Television


  • Jan Bubeníček
    Director / Screenwritter / Animator

My role

  • Jan Brukner
    concept artist /
    3D generalist / Designer

What I Did

  • Concept design

  • 3D Asset modeling

  • 3D Texturing


In a slightly foggy
light of swamps and meadows
the first contact took place...

The short film "Lighthouse" is one of the three main stories of the visual short story film "Murderous Tales". Each of the animated short stories tells in some way about death and heroism. About the moral implications of our actions and the contrasts of good or evil…


I was approached by director Honza Bubeníček to collaborate on a film based on our past collaboration. After reading the script for the short story "Lighthouse", I understood that I was holding a very delicate and fragile story in my hands, which would not be easily grasped by all viewers. It was a kind of visual ballad/poem set in a mysteriously veiled rural landscape, a marshland visited by a diminutive scientist from worlds away. His gaze cuts through the darkness and recognizes the fragility of life.

Lighthouse builds on intense atmosphere and subtle emotions. Honza Kůrka was a prominent artist working on this project and very intensely shaping its visuality. A very skilled and talented artist.
As part of the collaboration I participated in the realization of concepts and complete 3D assets (models) of the sets and objects for this magical and slightly enigmatic film.


Below you can see a number of designs I have worked on... There are various objects that were used by the explorer to communicate, collect samples and observe terrestrial life. I worked on them from sketch and concept to 3d modeling and texturing.


As part of the development of the visuals and objects, I also spent some time creating an alien alphabet, which I named "ΦÍAOK". The alien explorer takes records of life on Earth. Various inscriptions etc. appear on the monitors. That's what this alphabet was originally intended for.

I had the alphabet itself pretty well figured out. Below you can read the idea behind it and download it in a common font format (OTF) : HERE

The text of the alphabet fiaok, is very specific. It's based on the quadratic system and is also a mathematical notation. The font is inspired by classical Sumerian characters as well as Hebrew, Tarot and last but not least the cosmological symbolism of numbers.

In the end, the director decided to take a different route of a more subtle visuality, which was more reminiscent of dots and dots than concrete symbolism.

idea maker
visual  artist
creative director

Contact me

  • CELL : +420 721235897
  • MAIL : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Prague / Czech Republic
    Central Europe

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