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Two conferences on collaboration in education were placed in a thematic virtual studio environment and provided with a complete motion design identity.

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Jan Brukner / Creative Producer


  • DZS - House of International Cooperation





  • Idea making / Creative concept

  • Creative Production

  • Film / Animation / VFX

Lead Creative Crew

  • Jan Brukner
    Creative Director / idea maker / Designer


identity & virtual studio...

CZEDUCON is a platform for experts and practitioners in the field of internationalization of higher education institutions.The SchooLink conference is the flagship event of the House of International Cooperation for School Education (DZS). For these two conference events, we implemented a complete motion design identity and virtual studio for the virtual events produced by SlidesLive.


Education, schooling and the ancient academies encourage in man the search for wisdom, the acquisition of knowledge and the ability to work with information are a huge source of inspiration to the person himself. A world that connects not only geographically but also through knowledge was the main theme of our visual concept of the event. People who are closer to each other and at the same time new challenges in opening new topics and perceiving diversity. We tried to imprint all this in an animated identity and a virtual studio.


The design of the virtual studio environment is based on history. That is, literally on the four Corinthian columns that refer to the distant history and heritage of the tradition of education in ancient Greece up to today's postmodern information age. A very important element here are the connections and synapses depicting the interconnections between people and the linking of experiences and knowledge. Through color, contrast and typography we have tried to support the identity of both events, while at the same time differentiating them significantly so that they are not interchangeable.


The creative work again included brainstorming and developing first concepts. Based on the refined concept, we produced virtual studio and animated jingles, front-of-house graphics and motion design of logotypes using 3D graphics and animation.


The final deliverable was a package of basic virtual studio materials that we handed over to SlideSlive during the live production. The actual implementation from our side was therefore in this case focused purely on the concept, creative communication, offline implementation of the virtual environment and animation.


Animated jingle and ident for the CZEDUCON conference, a platform for experts and practitioners in the field of internationalization of higher education institutions. This design was more focused in content on sharing life and education through illustrative photos and videos. The connecting element here are pictograms and icons depicting the educational expertise. Everything is then connected by lines that symbolize the interconnection and cooperation between nations around the globe.

jingle clip (switch on sound)


The virtual studio environment is designed as a modern representation of the centre of history and the future of education. The design of the virtual studio environment is primarily based on history. Thus, it literally stands on four Corinthian columns, which refer to the distant history and heritage of the educational tradition in ancient Greece - the Athenian Academy (modern, founded in 1926), inspired by the 4th century BC antiquity. A very important element here are the connections and synapses that illustrate the interconnections between people and the intermingling of experience and knowledge.

environment design

Backgrounds with university architecture theme

Academy of Athens

(modern, founded in 1926),
inspiration antiquity 4th century BC

University of Cambridge

(founded in 1209)

Universität Wien

(founded in 1365)

Charles University

(founded in 1348)

National Technical
Library Prague

(founded in 2006)

Czech Institute of Informatics,
Robotics and Cybernetics

(founded in 2013)

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idea maker
visual  artist
creative director

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