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A virtual showroom and digital library containing specialist materials for research and innovation experts in oncology, rare diseases and neuroscience.

CASE STUDY of the project by Creative production IDEA VISUALIZE <
Jan Brukner / CEO & Creative Producer


At the beginning of each project, we find three basic pillars on which to build a creative idea. Each of these pillars should best describe the identity, message and form of creative communication. Just as in geometry we need at least three points to fix a plane, we do the same for the basic IDEA VISUALIZATION.


The motif of connecting parts clearly refers to the transmission and sharing of information. At the same time, there is also symbolism corresponding to neuroscience.


The floating organic rounded shapes of interlocking bubbles can symbolize research, the search for new active ingredients and scientific endeavors at the level of molecular biology. This is of course based on the identity of the company and its morphology.


At the center of the virtual space is knowledge and information transfer, which is linked to specific materials, information on active substances, expert documents and lectures. The content of the virtual space is intended for experts, which is reflected in the nature and format of the content.


  • IPSEN Pharma






  • Idea making / Creative concept

  • Creative Production

  • Animation

  • Virtual experience

Lead Creative Crew

  • Jan Brukner
    Creative Director / idea maker / Designer


sharing expert content...

Ipsen is a global biopharmaceutical company that improves patients' lives through research and innovation in oncology, rare diseases and neuroscience. By immersing themselves in the molecular microworld, visitors to the virtual space can perceive drug information, expert studies, texts with the possibility to contact expert representatives in the location.


The immensity of the microworld and biochemical processes form the inspirational basis for an abstract concept of space that combines expertise with the pure atmosphere of a place that represents the never-ending movement of science and research in the field of pharmacotherapy and human health care.


By immersing themselves in the molecular microworld, visitors to the virtual space can perceive information about medicines, expert studies, texts with the possibility of contacting expert representatives in a given location. The main motif is an abstract, inspirational space that is connected by concentric circles and a central point from where we can visit 3 expert sections.


The creative development proceeded classically from the beginning of creative communication, visualization of concepts and defining the main purpose of the virtual installation. Within the production, we chose the form of a 360°virtual stand that is compatible with a wide range of platforms and devices. We put a lot of emphasis on UX (user experience) and UI (user interface), which offers content browsing in a non-traditional way.


We created a virtual environment containing 3 expert sections (Oncology, Neurosciences, Rare Diseases). Each of these sections contains content sections (showroom of medicines, library, etc...) We worked closely with the client's agency (Forinel SE) on the final connection to the client's content (contacts, product descriptions, expert information, etc.).


A virtual space of this type encourages the visitor to explore and actively participate in orientation. A design solution of this type is suitable for projects where we want to achieve emotional involvement of the client and immersion in the atmosphere of the space. First of all, the graphic design, animation, musical background (meditative type) and the way of movement and orientation in the virtual world have a great influence. 360°space allows the distribution of content in all its parts and the active recall of other sections, windows, audiovisual materials. It thus offers a new interactive way of receiving content. The visitor of such a space can be left with a much more intense feeling than in the case of a visit to a classic web presentation. The centerpiece of the Virtual Stand is the signpost, which allows us to visit one of the three specialist sections (Oncology, Neurology, Rare Diseases) at any time. Within these sections there are also content areas such as the medicines showroom with detailed information. Educational library with text materials, videos. Map of expert representatives.

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creative director

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