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Tanya's holidays 

in the Alps

Interactive application using augmented reality (AR) for storytelling. Very creative collaboration with Brainz and Creative HUB of Czech Radio.

Client / cowork

  • Czech Radio
    Creative HUB

  • Edita Kudláčová

  • Damian Machaj


  • Brainz VR / Immersive


  • Robin Pultera
    Project manager

  • Lucie Burešová
    Account manager

  • Petr Hanousek
    Creative Director

  • Ondřej Cihlář
    Radio story concept
    Scriptwritter / Director

  • Kryštof Šuk (Tof)
    Unity developer / Artist

  • Ondřej Pultera
    Unity developer

  • Petr Kobilák
    Unity developer

  • Petr Kollarčík (PetrKoll)
    3D & Motion designer

  • Michal Marek
    3D Assets development

  • Jakub Vaja
    3D Asset Artist

  • Martin Hůla (Bonus)
    sound designer /
    music composer

  • Martin Hůla (Bonus)
    sound designer /
    music composer

  • Ana Fligić
    Starring ★ Promo clip

  • Adam Kollarčík
    Starring ★ Promo clip

  • Jan Brukner
    Art Director / 3D designer
    (co)idea maker

What I Did

  • Concepts and Storyboard

  • Visual storytelling

  • Unity / Visual development

  • Art / 3D design

  • Direction / edit
    of Video Teaser


Some items
can tell stories
and share memories...

The radio play series takes you back to the historical period of 1968. The main character, 15-year-old Tanya, is spending her holidays with relatives in Austria. In the background, great historical events begin to unfold. Will Táňa ever return home?


In 1968, the invasion of Czechoslovakia by the armies of the Warsaw Pact member states determined the future development of Czechoslovakia for years to come. For the anniversary of these events, we created a tandem of two narrative projects using modern technologies - VR and AR - within the Brainz VR/ Immersive studio. In this case, it was a radio game with an unconventional use of augmented reality (AR) for smart mobile devices. It was a very creative collaboration with Brainz VR / Immersive and Czech Radio's Creative HUB to develop AR content and art.

In addition to art directing the project and working with the 3D content of the app, I also worked on a short presentation video that presents how our interactive AR radio app works in a simple and hopefully entertaining way.


Based on the script and theme of the radio play by director and author Ondřej Cihlář, we at Brainz developed an interactive application, a player with an oldschool visual/skin of an old radio receiver. In addition to the individual episodes of the radio drama, the viewer can view illustrative objects that add interesting information and period atmosphere to the story. The listener/viewer can place these objects freely in the space and view them thanks to augmented reality (AR).


The concept of the entire visual narrative went through several phases and different forms. In the first phase, we thought about the concept of Tania's diary, which would be filled with memories in the form of a herbarium and a personal diary. In the end, we chose the concept of a radio player that gradually opens up other hidden objects to the listener depending on the radio story. We took great care in selecting period objects and composing them into small mini-games or illustrations.