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Far above the surface and away from the hustle and bustle of the theme park, the digital clouds hide a game space…


  • Tivoli Park / Casino

Agency / Studio

  • &CO Copenhagen

What I Did

  • Concept Design / Art

  • Matte paints

  • 3D Assets


  • Jan Brukner
    Concept / Visual Artist 
    3D Asset Designer


Flying Machines
of fantasy Casino Tivoli
with a avid players park…

Away from the hustle and bustle of the theme park, the digital clouds hide a game space. Designing stylized environments and flying machine designs for the legendary Danish theme park TIVOLI in Copenhagen and its Casino.


The Tivoli Amusement Park needs little introduction. It is the second oldest park of this type in the world. It was founded in 1843 by Georg Carsensen. Tivoli Park is a unique combination of traditional park aesthetics, entertainment and the fascination of far away exotic lands that were inaccessible to many people at the time. A world of fantasy come to life and adrenaline-fuelled fun. Today, it still houses the world's oldest wooden roller coaster, the Rutschebanen from 1914. Around 4.5 million people visit the park every year.


Tivoli is now a big worldwide brand, under which a number of other entertainment projects are created. Its imprint has therefore not gone unused in the field of digital and internet entertainment and the Danes' weakness for "play". For the advertising campaign to launch the new project, I worked with Danish advertising agency &Co Copengahen. I was approached to realise a series of flying machine designs inspired by Tivoli Park and the Casino building hiding behind a curtain of digital clouds. I used digital painting and 3D graphics techniques to realise the designs.

Floating casino design

The floating Casino building in the clouds clearly refers to the fact that it is a digital space, somewhere in the intangible world of the internet. For the design of the building I took inspiration from traditional architecture, namely the imposing entrance gate to the theme park. In brainstorming with the creatives at &Co Copenhagen, we further enhanced the design with additional fantasy elements inspired by the world of Jules Verne and the PC gaming world of today. I designed the casino as a floating island that is also a sky port for the fantastic flying machines in which its visitors arrive.


At the beginning of the creation there was the realization of a series of designs of different flying machines. These are more like flying boats and cats in combination with balloons and airships. The designs themselves were inspired by the various attractions that can be found in the existing Tivoli Park. From the pirate ship, the Asian pagoda pavilion to the iconic "number 8" tourist mini-trolleys.


The parade's flying machine is the "romantic balloon", whose aesthetic references the late 19th century. It features a contrast of day and night in the form of a smiling sun and a sleeping moon. Tiny Chinese lanterns hang at the bottom and the whole balloon is flooded with magical winged lights, referring to the miracle of electrification. In the resulting clip, produced by our colleagues at &Co Copengahen, this balloon serves as a kind of billboard in the clouds.


The iconic tourist mini-trolleys with the "number 8" is something you can't miss when visiting the Tivoli theme park. Children love them and they are an essential part of the genius loci of the place. So, within the design of this airship, we borrowed this motif, which I enhanced with a lower "fin/wing", a luxury residential balloon and all powered by propellers. In the resulting clip, this was one of the central motifs that carried the advertising message.


The last distinctive airship design is the "pirate ship", which underwent the most development and was the main motif of the advertising jingle.  In designing it, I based it directly on the attraction of an existing pirate ship that floats on one of the park's lakes. The three-masted ship is said to be a replica of a pirate ship or frigate of the Danish navy from the 1700s. In our case, we have added balloons to allow it to untie from the sea and sail the oceans of the heavens...

idea maker
visual  artist
creative director

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