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Cartoon art stylization printed on old paper connecting with product dynamic 3D animation.



Agency / studio

  • Hausgemacht


  • Petr Hanousek
    Creative Director

  • Jan Truhlář
    Editor / film production

Creative Crew

  • Jan Brukner
    visual artist, 3D matte painter

  • Pavel Sadílek
    visual artist, 3D animator

What I did

  • storyboard concept
    3D design / models
    3D matte painting
    2D Composition


product for dog pets
set in stylised wildlife...

Working on a stylized packshot and product animation. The realization included two animated parts that illustrated a classic movie commercial.


The project was under the direction of director Petr Hanousek, who approached me to collaborate on the animation. After a long time I got in touch with my colleague Pavel Sadílek, with whom we have realized a number of similarly stylized projects in the past (ČT spot "On the road", Prima TV jingle "Guess who I am", etc.). The first animation illustrated the richness of natural ingredients combining into the final product. The second part was a stylized animated packshot.


With Pavel Sadilek we prepared the pre-production, storyboard and production design for the realization of the product motion design and stylized packshot. For the realization we used 3D animation, motion design, 3D matte painting techniques. The result was a dynamic motion design animation of the fusion of natural raw materials into a premiere product, Carnilove, which was created by Pavel. My work in turn was the realization of a playful cartoon packshot with a gurgling stream and wildlife evoking the unbridled and predatory nature.

Part of a pictorial script (storyboard) describing the action and composition of a stylized packshot scene.

The development of the product visuals. For comparison, here are the forms of product representation.

A test render of the premium fruit and vegetable ingredients in the feed.


This was a very quick production project, which Pavel and I completed in a matter of weeks. The project was interesting for us mainly with regard to the form of visual communication and the possibility to realize a distinctive artwork. My positive experience with the long and smooth cooperation with creative director Petr Hanousek (cooperation from Brainz, Outbreak) also played a role here. Last but not least, it was also the overall image and philosophy of Carnilove.

idea maker
visual  artist
creative director

Contact me

  • CELL : +420 721235897
  • MAIL : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Prague / Czech Republic
    Central Europe

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