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AUKRO Christmas spots

A series of futuristic commercials for Christmas 2011 for AUKRO, the largest Czech internet marketplace.


  • Allegro Group CZ

  • Konektor

Agency / Studio

  • Konektor

  • ACE Post / Images FX


  • Petr Stárek
    VFX editor / Lead compositor

  • Jan Kuřimský
    VFX artist / Simulation TD

  • Jan Brukner 
    designer  / matte painter

What I Did

  • Concept design

  • 3D Matte painting



An airy sci-fi environment of the virtual world, which evokes the infinity of the Internet and is able to accommodate a plethora of products of the largest Internet marketplace in the Czech Republic.


Three basic TV spots were created with product offerings for women, men and children.This was AUKRA's most mass communication to date, setting a new futuristic, airy visual that defined another way of visual communication.


At the time I was just involved with the visual concept of the environment and the implementation of the 3D Matte painting. We worked closely with the excellent 3D graphic designer and top Houdini effects artist Honza Kuřimský.

In the end, the final visuals were very different from the physical sets that were used on set, and we replaced them completely with digital ones.

idea maker
visual  artist
creative director

Contact me

  • CELL : +420 721235897
  • MAIL : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Prague / Czech Republic
    Central Europe

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